We Are Looking for
React & Angular Developers.

If you have at least created one project using React & Angular frameworks and you have:
Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal
An online portfolio on GitHub or a personal web site
Turkish citizenship or a valid
work permit
Please complete the case study below, submit it to a publicly available Github repository and send its link along with your Portfolio & CV to apply@wunder.is
Handling a Live Outputstream
At herokuapp.com you will find a live Outputstream, generating random user information every 3 to 15 seconds. We ask you to implement two actions using this Outputstream.
1. Dynamic Mobile Interface Coding
Using randomly generated users from the live Outputstream above, please code a mobile interface, updating itself with every new user. Check the UI'S on the right, demonstrating how the mobile UI could be populated. Prepare your version using native Android, iOS or a web-app such as IONIC.
2. Detail Pages & Data Visualization
Please code a User Details page, where you can display more details about each user. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate your data visualization skills.
We Are Looking Forward To Your Application